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How Lugano Online works

Learn more about the Strategy with this interview to the developer: Leo Martini Lorenzi.

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FAQs about Lugano Online Roulette Strategy

Lugano Online works on every genuine European Roulette* wheel. Simply because of practical reasons, we do not recommend land-based casinos as you would not be able to process the entire algorithm in your mind. Whilst playing online live casinos, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the software since it can be easily and legitimately run alongside the game (the software is not a bot).

*  The European Roulette wheel features one zero (0), whereas the American Roulette wheel features two of them. This roulette strategy system has been developed taking the single zero (0) into account.

We are confident to say that it can range from 4% to 6%; this translate into two (2) units every fifty (50) units with a low money exposure.

This is the profit of Lugano Online, which has been tested on millions of spins.

Many years have been spent working on the exposure. In fact, Leo Martini Lorenzi, after releasing the first version of Lugano Online (which has been sold successfully in Switzerland and Italy), kept working on calculations to reduce the money exposure even during the most complicated scenarios. Throughout the years, the strategy has never changed, but it has been enhanced and improved so to accomodate even the players without large funds, since the money exposure is low.

We have been asked from non-professional players how to be sure that online live casinos are secure to play. There are many reliable websites that broadcast live casinos with real wheels and real croupiers. In these cases, the websites do not own the wheel and they just have the license to broadcast the event. You can access to the same casino with the same wheel and the same croupier from different websites, hence the websites cannot play any tricks on the wheel. Moreover, as a guarantee, you should be able to see their gaming licenses on the websites.

If you don’t have much experience yet,  we suggest to choose the most common websites, check their policy and the way they allow you to withdraw your money. Every serious live casino lets you transfer out your money without obstacles. If you do not know the website properly, we recommend – at the beginning and after a reasonable number of wins – to consider withdrawing some money.

We do not affiliate to any casino. Usually, casino affiliate programs make you gain money from the losses of your affiliates, and this is precisely not our intention. So we do not recommend any specific casino. If it is your first experience and do not trust the online live casino, we suggest to start with little money so you can increase the amount once you became more confident.

After purchasing the software license you will receive easy and clear instructions on how to use it. You will also receive an access to our platform where you can download the software and use it on any device.

As we mentioned, our Strategy is not for players who seek the lucky bet, we will not make you rich from day to night. However, this Roulette Strategy is a solid investment which will give you real results day by day. We are then both using this Strategy ourselves and sharing it with you.

Selling the strategy at a higher price means forcing players to invest higher amounts of money – and only a small amount of people can afford it. Rather than doing that, we decided to offer this Strategy to a wider range of players and investors, so anyone can rejoice from the game and the gains.

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