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Pros and Cons of Online Casinos

Hello everybody,

In this video we are going to talk about online gambling; we will see the pros and cons between online and real-life casinos and most importantly, at the end of the video, I will share with you the greatest advantage the online player has compared to a traditional real-life casino player.

It is a powerful tool, able to completely change the odds of a game – stay then with me until the end to find out.

Firstly, though, I want to say some words about online gambling. Already in 1994, the first form of online casino appeared – it was of course simplified, but it was nonetheless similar to the modern concept.

It was quite successful and indeed four years later, in 1998, statistics showed that the number of online players was already double the number of players that walked in a real-life casino.

Today, the growth has been exponential and hence we can reach the conclusion that, by combining Europe and USA, there are daily 8 to 10 million people gambling online.

The reason behind this huge success is easily explained: playing online can be done 24/7, there are no travel expenses, and it is more inexpensive as you can bet the small amount of 1 or 2 cents.

Advantages are not the only thing playing online can offer, though, as indeed there is a list of disadvantages that needs to be considered. Personally, I would divide these disadvantages into two categories: objective, thus not depending on the player, and subjective, hence depending on the player’s mistakes.

The former is dictated by the fact that online Roulettes that use Partage – which means that when the ball lands on a zero (0) the player obtains half of their bet – are more rare to find than in real-life casinos, even though every genre of online casino has its own French Roulette.

Another disadvantage of online gambling is determined by the limited time the player disposes to decide the bet’s amount: if you are lucky, it is 30 seconds. If one plays chances simples, one will not encounter this problem, but if the player has a strategy centered around playing with full numbers – so betting on 10 to 12 numbers at a time – not always the time allowed is enough.

These are the two objective disadvantages – that online gambling has. There are then, subjective disadvantages that do depend on the player’s brain. The first is dictated by how easily one has the possibility to play calmly at home without the proper concentration.

If I go and play in a traditional real-life casino, it is easier to keep focus as simply touching the table and the green Roulette mat, being surrounded by the smells of the game room, being close to other players and seeing the croupier and the table’s director are all factors that maintain concentration high.

At home, on the other hand one decides to gamble online for half an hour, maybe after a long working day and as there’s nothing on TV. So, there is not the right awareness and there is not the right determination as the player is tired. And if by chance, the game that he or she was planning on doing,

which normally takes 15 to 20 spins, turns out to be slightly harder and thus requires more spins, the player has no more energy, loses his or her temper, tries some lucky bets that might change the game, and finally loses all the money.

Another disadvantage of online gambling comes from a bad management of our money. Let’s look at an example: I walk into a casino in Las Vegas with $2’000 and I want to play. When I have $2’200 – as I have won something – I walk out of the casino with my initial amount and my profit in my pockets.

And this money is not in danger anymore until I decide to walk once more in a casino.

On the other hand, when I play at home, I put my $2’000 on the account of my favorite online casino,

I play and I win but I never withdraw because I want to keep on increasing my profits, I want to capitalize.

After 15, 20 games, I am faced with a difficult one and if I am not able to handle it, if I do not have the proper alert, then I risk all my initial capital and all the capital I have accumulated so far, and thus lose everything.

This is another disadvantage of playing online compared to playing in a real-life casino. All the aspects previously mentioned are the main shortcomings and dangers of gambling online.

But all these aspects can be completely and unquestionably erased by one important and simple detail that only online playing has. As a matter of fact, only whilst gambling at home I can use the most powerful tool I own: my computer.

By using the computer, I can also use all the implements it can offer.

And if its power is not evident, I suggest you try entering a real-life casino and start using your smartphone at a table while betting. You get admonished once, twice, three times and if you persist then you are escorted outside.

At home, though, the player can take advantage of all the computers one wishes. Above all, one can use the Lugano Online software. If the player can use it with the right focus, the fight will not be between a perfect machine such as the Roulette and a human being and their weaknesses, but it will be between a perfect machine such as the Roulette and another perfect sophisticated machine such as only Lugano Online can be.

The difference between the two playing entities will then be almost cancelled, and this is, believe me, a huge advantage.

Thank you and see you next time.