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Overview of Lugano Online – Roulette Strategy

Hello everybody.

My name is Leo Martini Lorenzi and I am the creator of the Roulette strategy Lugano Online.

This strategy is based on more than 30 years of passion and careful study of the game of Roulette.

Before looking at the details, I would like to say a couple of words to defend the game of Roulette specifically, and casinos generally. Because when we talk about these topics, people always jump to terrible conclusion as if casinos and Roulette were the cause of familial drama or economic misfortunes.

In part it’s true, we all know how many people ruined themselves because of gambling, but that is not the casino’s fault. The blame is to be found in the way in which players approach the casino.

Indeed, gambling is a very complex and dangerous subject. And if these dangers are unknown – or worse: underestimated – and one plays lightly or just relies on sheer luck, then it’s better to avoid gambling completely.

Of course, winning is not easy.

As a matter of fact, when talking about Roulette, there is a statement – well-known amongst all the roulette lovers – that goes: since the Roulette has no memory, it is not possible to develop any strategy.

Oftentimes, people ask my thoughts on this sentence.

I, too, think the Roulette has no memory – it is a machine after all, and so it cannot have memory.

Nonetheless, I reach a very different conclusion than the one reached by the players who, in the end, lose. They think the Roulette has no memory and so they believe that elaborating any type of strategy is ineffective, and that every spin is random.

I think the complete opposite. I think that precisely because the Roulette has no memory, there are specific situations and events that can be excluded with an almost absolute certainty.

And if we do manage to exclude said events with almost absolute certainty, this is a huge advantage.

A huge advantage that all the people who understand the game of Roulette know to appreciate and value.

Personally, I have never been interested in this game by relying on luck. I have never bought a lottery ticket, and I have always thought that gambling could be tamed, it could be ruled by using intelligence, tactics and a cool head.

This belief of mine has brought me on a journey that has been continuing for over 30 years. A journey made of analytics, mathematics, statistics, and many sleepless hours. All this has brought to light my Roulette strategy: Lugano Online.

I have tested this strategy on more than 1 million spins, both on online casinos and real-life casinos

And today I have accurate results on over 10 thousands games, which translate into over 300 thousands Roulette spins that state that my Roulette strategy offers a constant gain, an incredible endurance, and a minimum – if not inexistent – economic exposure.

The thing everybody is always interested in is: how much can you win?

Before saying how much one can win in percentage, we have to specify what does it mean to win at the Roulette. Indeed, it does not mean finishing all games with profits. If one is looking for that type of result, then one is destined to lose.

To win at the Roulette is like a football championship: it’s improbable to win all matches, but the most important thing is the final score. For as much as the Roulette is concerned, the final score is given by the money we have gained which needs to be far superior to the money we have started with.

This is what it means to win at the Roulette.

Now that this is clear, we can define winning in a more explicit way. The Roulette strategy offers a gain in the medium-long term of circa 5%. And I want to highlight that 5% is the gain on which most professional roulette strategies are based. It is the gain professional players get.

This is possible both because of the gaming strategies that constitute Lugano Online, and because of another strong suit of my roulette strategy: the software.

Indeed, on our website, Lugano Online is part of a software which has been optimized precisely for online casinos.

The software gives all the suggestions on what to bet and how much to bet in a simple, clear and instant way. One only needs to follow the instructions, and the game is set in a quick, accurate, error-free and tension-free as the software is not dictated by the fear of making a mistake.

With the software, one also gets its clear guide with all the necessary information and another guide full of suggestions and hints on how to maximize the game. As I said more than once, I’ve been part of the world of casinos for a very long time, and I am very aware of what type of offers exist.

I know numerous strategies and many not well-intended people that sell improvised strategies – at times even at a very high price. I then completely understand and sympathize with the various doubts and fears of the player who does not want to waste his or her money.

I have decided to put my face for the presentation of Lugano Online. And I think that we can all agree that this is the best warranty and reliability one can offer.

For now, I’ve said everything I needed to say.

Keep your eyes open for all the other videos and all the information that will be shared about this Roulette strategy.

See you next time, thank you!