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Overview of Lugano Online – Roulette Strategy

Hello everybody,

In this video I will share with you more detailed information on Lugano Online.

Lugano Online is the software available on and it is an improvement of a previous software – Il Metodo Lugano, The Lugano Method – which I had developed in 2014.

The fact that Lugano Online is its evolution means that the idea and structure have stayed the same.

It is hence something proven and tested throughout these years. It mainly works with the three chances simples: red or black, even or odd, pass and manque.

And it uses the most common event that happens in roulette: the écart.

This concept is, very simply, that by playing through 40-50 spins I notice that within the chances simples there will be at least a moment in which one of the chances has a higher probability of happening compared to the others. This is the concept of écart.

What comes out of it is a game that is not for the players looking for strong emotions and adrenaline – which is the type of player that is not in line with our believes as, moreover, they are more likely to lose.

Our game is one made of slow and deliberate moves Not all spins are played, and who truly understands Roulette knows that this is a massive advantage.

Ours is a software easy to use and, for this reason, it is perfect for players who want to invest with low risks and high profits: that 5% which the official professional software grant you and which is the profit in the long-medium run.

It might be useless to say, but our software must be used with a European Roulette or, even better, with a French version of the European Roulette. We know three types of Roulette exist: American Roulette, European Roulette and its French version. But which are the differences?

The American Roulette is the one that punishes the player more as it has both the zero (0) and the double zero (00). The European Roulette and its French variety only have one single zero (0).

The disadvantage is determined by the fact that by playing an American Roulette, if I play a simple chance, red for example, my probability is 18 numbers out of 20 (18 black plus the two zeros) which is a worse ration than a European Roulette, for which I have 18 numbers out of 19 (18 black plus one single zero), and which is still a worse ration than the French version.

Indeed, its advantage is that when the ball lands on the zero, half of the betted amount is given back to the player. Hence, the ratio for our imaginary chance simple is 18 out of 18.5 (18 black and 0.5 of the half that the player would lose if the ball stops on the zero).

Therefore, the American roulette is to be eliminated and for our strategy we favor the French Roulette or, if absent, the European Roulette.

It is important to highlight once more that we have to completely ignore the American Roulette.

Now that the main points have been cleared, I can offer you more insights in the Lugano Online by giving you some data that resulted from the various tests. I repeat what has already been said in other videos the strategy has been played on over 1 million spins.

On these spins, we have precise data on 308’987 spins, which have created 10’090 games.

The average duration of a game is 30.60 spins. Moreover, these 308’987 spins have produced a profit of 15’089 units, and the most important data given by all this information is that a very high percentage – to be precise, 95.8% of games needs a capital less than 20 units.

96 games out of 100 need a minimal and ludicrous amount of capital.

This showcases that Lugano Online is perfect for everybody who wishes to make a safe investment, and it is tailored to both the professional player – who is able to understand the numbers and logic – and the less experienced player.

Specifically for this latter type of player, different types of hints and instructions will be available, no matter the strategy in use, that will allow to maintain control of the negative emotions that can arise during a game.

For the time being, this is everything.

Stay tuned for future videos.

Thank you and have a good day.