The Roulette Club

A team of professional and passionate Roulette players gathered to make this Strategy possible. Some of us have known Leo for a long time. None of us, though, could have ever imagined the exact result of his idea, but we knew that Leo’s extraordinary vision and enthusiasm surely had to lead to something. After successfully selling “Il Metodo Lugano” (the first version of this Strategy) in Switzerland and in Italy, we followed the suggestions of some customers and friends and, without fears, we accepted the challenge to take this project to another level. So here we are now: exporting worldwide the improved Roulette Strategy: “Lugano Online” – now available to you.


Meet the Developer


Once, I read somewhere that it is impossible to develop a great project without having a great passion. I full-heartedly agree with this statement, and I find it fascinating because it manages to connect two worlds that would otherwise be considered as opposites. 

As a matter of fact, passion is the epitome of irrationality, of non-sense, of recklessness; whereas a precise project is the complete antithesis. It is, indeed, a constant analysis and attention to details, it is precision, perfection. The first term can hence be seen as negative, since it is linked to the ideas of addiction and thoughtlessness. By contrast, a project is synonym of goodness, successfulness, considerateness. However, as good things can come from bad circumstances, we could argue that not only without the bad we would not have the good, but also that the bad does generate good…

When talking about a betting game such as the one of Roulette, it has always been challenging for me to convince the so called “good people” that it is possible to see this game through an academic and professional lens and not simply consider it an addiction. Prejudice, ignorance and hypocrisy, as much as fake morality, are massive obstacles to overcome in this discourse. I would then highly recommend the readers that might have these beliefs to follow my advice and leave this website. Because I am sure of one thing: this passion of mine will lead to expertise and proficiency, and not mindless addiction. 

I have never played betting games with the intent of getting lucky; in fact, I have never even played the lottery. I have always believed, though, that these games could be tamed by the player’s intelligence, tactics and alertness. It was thus passion and  conscience that dictated my efforts, constance and hard work; it was passion that fueled me during the long sleepless nights and propelled my hopes and dreams.

From the get-go, however, I realized I would not be able to achieved my goals without help. Hence, with patience, time and persistence, I have studied and analyzed the works of some of the major European experts: Marigny, Château, Van Bockstäele, Sadia, Della Moglie. I have read and learned a lot from them, and I have “stolen” some of their ideas and insights. With their help and my own knowledge, I further improved my Strategy ( previously illustrated in my first book “Il Metodo Lugano”), and I was faced with various successful tests and interesting results – and this already in 2009.

I have been through moments during which I thought I succeeded in unveiling the mysteries around the Roulette, just to then realize how wrong I had been. Today, as I am over sixty, I can say with certainty that you have to be ready to lose some battles – you have to be ready to be wrong – so to, in the end, be right. The war against these betting games can be won by those who manage to balance investments and profits with a valid and properly estimated gameplay. 

Victory is not to be sought in mathematics, just as much as defeat is not explained by the absence of mathematics. This is not a play on words; this Strategy is more than that. There is not one simple explanation,  and trying looking for one is the ultimate proof of the idiom “when the wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger”. 

This is the work of a lifetime, and it encompasses all my knowledge and my passion.